SILVISMART: a step towards forest digitalisation

TECH4EFFECT is pleased to release the SILVISMART animation video. The video explains the functioning and multiple benefits of joining and utilising SILVISMART for transforming machine captured data into valuable information and business intelligence. SILVISMART is available across Europe and you are welcome to join any time!

SILVISMART offers a key step towards digitisation of the European forest sector. Increasingly, forest resources will be called on to supply the green economy. To be able to utilize forest resources efficiently and sustainably, without compromising the health and well-being of our forests and citizens, we need to focus on developing technical and digital tools, such as SILVISMART, which bring intelligent solutions.

Forest machines capture large amounts of data that can be turned into valuable information and business intelligence, which facilitate a better flow of information between the different actors across the forest-based value chains. We hope that SILVISMART will become a useful digital platform for machine operators, contractors and forest owners. Some of these benefits are explained in the animation.

In building the SILVISMART platform, we have been extremely concerned with ensuring that personal data and business sensitive data is kept confidential, while at the same time making it possible to share data on forests and production between different actors in the value chain.

Take this opportunity to watch the animation and find out more about SILVISMART. If you find this interesting, please do not hesitate to contact our partners in your region or contact the TECH4EFFECT project directly. With this in mind, I want to thank all our friends in research, industry and the various SMEs, with whom we have worked, sometimes during challenging situations, to help to realize SILVISMART and the ambitions of TECH4EFFECT to make a small, but important, contribution towards digitisation of the European forest sector.